Friday, September 24, 2010

My new sister Blog


Well I have decided to create another blog.  This one will be a little will be a Blog to record my new weightloss journey!  Don't worry, I won't neglect this blog, I will still post here...but my new blog will be geared more towards the steps I am taking to loose the pounds - the up and downs.  Please check it out on occasion, and don't be shy to comment.  I want any suggestions that will help me and my readers.

Thank you all!

Tanya xox

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Layla White in Canada said...

Blogger is an excellent platform but it can do a sudden reversal on you too. My blog of 5 years suddenly got deleted because according to Blogger, their system flagged it as spam. I tried to get it back but it was to no avail. I stopped blogging that day.