Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ok, 2 more Sleeps...

So last night was the worst sleep ever.  Gawd, my lower back is killing me.  I couldn't toss or turn cause it hurt that bad.  I have no clue what the problem is...I haven't lifted anything heavy or done anything to hurt I'm a bit annoyed about it.  I hope it passes...cause I'm sure a 15 hour drive won't make it better...gawd...! 
The week has been going good.  Last night a few things we had to take care of before heading east.  Tonight, gonna see Angel and Erin, then tomorrow Claudia will come and get our key to check the mail and watch BB with us.  I need to pack still as well...! 
Fun Fun Fun!
Still not sure if I even made it into the final 12 for Loose it Weightloss Challenge.  Who knows...a bit disappointing though.  That's the Athletic Club for ya...! 
A short one today....

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