Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We all just wanna be ROCKSTARS!!

Ya, whatever eh! 

Wednesday...not bad, half way there.  The weekend should be a good one! Halloween Party at the Armstrong house on Saturday night...can't wait! It's the 2nd Annual and last party for Shelley and year they move to Mexico...which makes me sad.  But we are really looking forward to the visit that's for sure.

I don't really have alot of news, and there is nothing exciting going on in my life.  Marty and I are just doing our, eat sleep, Walmart, Costco, grocery store...visit friends, coffee...very routine.  Yes, that's right, my most unfavorable word, Routine...!  Ahhhh! hahaha

I have a feeling big changes are coming our way, I don't know what it is yet...but it's something, I can feel it! lol  Ya like I'm spychic or something eh....not quite.

I really wish we could get a dog...  :(  It would have to be a puppy I think, so that it doesn't eat Oliver...Our place is too small for 2 adults and 2 animals...That makes me sad.


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