Friday, February 18, 2011

F-F-f-friday....of a long weekend!!

Oh boy oh boy, thank godness it's Friday...and I really mean that.  The past few weeks have been pretty home, at work, everywhere.  I'm just so happy to have 1 extra day off this weekend. 

I went to the mall last night to pick up a few things...the most fun and special thing I got to take home was a new Coach Wristlet...yes that's right...!!  A COACH writstlet...I had toe pleasure to take a donation from my colleagues for another team member who was retiring.  So after collecting for a few weeks, it was decided that we would get her a Coach bag.  So I went in to Coach last week and was so fun, even if it wasn't for me.  The ladies there were so helpful, what great service...Coach, White Oaks mall, if you're in the London area and want to treat yourself to something special.  So anyway...after buying the nicest bag ever...I left the store, feeling good...and I'm not gonna lie kinna cool...since I got to prance around the mall with a GINORMOUS Coach shopping bag...Oh ya people, I shop at Coach, believe it! HAHA 

So a few days later I get a little envelop in the mail, return address COACH, White Oaks Mall.  WHAT?! Oh maybe it's just a flyer or's a really nice hand written card saying thank you for coming in and shopping for your colleague...and that they thought I deserved something special too, so included a $50 Gift Card.  Can you Believe it?!?!  No minimum pruchase neccesary...I was so needless to say I had to get it spent like PRONTO, since of course it expired at the end of this off I went to get meself another wristlet...I would have loved to put it towards a bag, but I just didn't have the extra $150-$200 dollars, so a wristlet will do! See's all mine...and I love it...and I really love COACH! Thanks ladies!

Oh la la I love it! 

Ok, so I better get back to work!  I was so excited about my new wristlet, that I just felt a post coming on! 

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Shelly of the Daisy Diaries! said...

Super Cute! Love it!