Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am alive, I swear!

I know it's been forever!  My life the past few weeks has been pertty chaotic and fun and emotional and sad and happy all in one.  I know, crazy!
Well I'll start by telling you got a little one year old Pug pup..she was so sweet.  I use "was" because we no longer have her.  Had her for a week, and realized that we made a mistake.  I really heartbreaking mistake.  Now, it's not because she wasn't a good girl, cause god knows she was.  A little hyper, but she was a Pug.  The breed that I that's why it was heartbreaking for me.  So long annoying sad story short, we had her a week.  I walked her, but we had to crate her while we were at work, and crate her at night cause she wasn't 100% trained.  When she wasn't crated, she was very restless due to the fact that our apartment is VERY small.  It just wasn't fair to her.  Small dog or not...I felt like she was depressed.  And not to mention our poor Oliver was trapped in our bedroom all week.  We didn't think it through completely and it happened so fast.  We talked to my friend about taking her on Wednesday from her Aunt and then we had on her Friday.  So ya, FAST. 
But on a happier note, she is in a very good home now.  Big backyard and another dog for companionship, plus a country home and 2 kids who will LOVE HER sooo much!  It all worked out, not in my favor though, as usual.  But, what can ya do!

So besides all that, I have been just doing the same ole.  We help The Mabees move into their new house a couple weeks ago. The day went well if you ask me.  It was raining that day which was shitty, but there was enough of us to really get shit done.  I'm happy it went well.  They are all moved in now.  Very nice home.  And getting settled little by little.  It's going to be beautiful once they have it exactly the way they want it! :)

And on another note, my poor husband has a little foot ulcer again.  So he's off for 2 weeks, hoping it heals well in that time.  Pretty crappy, but we're used to the shit falling on us.  Something good will happen, someday! haha 

I do have some fun news, but it isn't ready to be shouted from the rooftops yet so stay tuned!  :)  I know I know, horrible that I would even tease you like that eh!  he he he

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