Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I am BEYOND needing a vacation these days! Seriously, I can't concentrate at work, I'm so tired...I get my workouts in, then walk home...and have nothing left for the rest of the night.  Honestly, I'm pooched.  Not neccesary physically, but mentally, I've got nothing left.  I just want to sit and do nothing...I don't even have any Facebook energy...I get one, and look at photos and that's it.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME...! 

I'm hoping our trip home for Easter will revive me...I'll get to see my family, and my friends from home.  It should be a good weekend and week...apparently there an annual 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament that is going on so there will be some action in town and at the rink. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.  Hopefully be able to have a few sociables with friends too! 

I think I need a tea...I'll have to run down...I'm at work while posting this.  I really should be working, but I can't get into it.  Holy fuck...'s hoping my winning ticket from last weeks Lotto Max is a winner for money this week.  I went in on a ticket with Roni and Cindy, my colleagues and we won a free ticket.  I'm gonna go get that ticket with Encore and hope that this Friday is a money money money money...I really think that winning the lottery might just get me out of this funk...Yup, I'm pretty sure it would....

I'm out...

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