Saturday, April 09, 2011

It's Saturday and the Sun is Shining!

Another week gone by.  The sun is shining this morning.  It's gorgeous out.  Was up early to do groceries for 8am.  We go early now because on Saturday mornings it's not busy AT the shelves are stocked to the's great.  We used to do our grocery order on Friday nights, but it was so fucking busy and there was jack shit left.  So one of our Saturday chores down! 

We plan on hitting the Asian Market today on Adelaide for some fresh Talapia and possibly some tofu.  I have been wanting to try a few recipes from my Eat Clean Cookbook that call for Silken Tofu.  Then we're headed out to Lynn's Bakery for some homeade Rye bread for the week.  It's so good and the loafs are really big for only $2.30.  I know that might sound expensive for a loaf of bread, but it's double the size of a loaf of rye from the grocery store.

Then we're pop into the Armstrongs for our weekly visit.  I do have a call in shift today from 2-6p.  I am hoping that I'm not needed.  It's a catch 22 for a Saturday call in shift...I could use the money, but on the other hand I love to have my Saturdays for getting things done and relaxing.  So we'll see...and of course I can't forget the most important thing of all...I will be hitting the GYM at some point today too!  Woohoo...can't wait to test out my new kicks on the treadmill!

That's all she wrote for this morning...have a great day! 

Oh yes of course, and a little shout out to the little man Rhys Mabee...his 3rd Birthday Party is today! Have fun buddy...hope you love your Cupcake Hockey Cake...Stay tuned for pics!


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