Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dingy Dingy Dang Dang

7 more sleeps until we leave for New Brunswick!!  Can't wait to get out of dodge, really, I can't wait!  It's been a long 7 months of no time off or we're due.  I'm excited to be going "Home" but I can't help but think about diddly awesome it would have been to go to Cuba or Domincan or even Jamaica again...anywhere hot for that matter...

*big deep loooonnng sigh*

Ok, I'm over it.

What we intend on doing while home;

See family, have some good visits.
See and visit with friends
Take some photos
Have a garlic finger from Pizza Delight
Check out the season opener of the "Farmers Market"
And check out some of the 3-3 tournament that's being held at the arena.

Looking forward to doing all those things, no particular order.

One very excellent thing that has happened to me recent'ly, I lost 20lbs!  Something that I am very proud of.  Thanks to my friends, family and husband for the support.  Feels good and can't wait to shed another 20!


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