Saturday, May 07, 2011

Oh another week gone like the wind....

So we have been to NB and back, ALREADY...and already finished a full week of work since then too...

So a few new things in my life;
We bought a new Laptop, Samsung...something or other, I don't know the specs, but it was a good one for a good proice.
Also got a pantry from Walmart.  Oh I just love it, such a space saver...and hides all the kitchen's great. 

You know you're getting old when you get excited on hiding the junk/kitchen clutter in a cheap ass Walmart pantry...too freakin funny...I just chuckled to myself. 

Well I'm not sure if you had the chance to see my other blog.  This blog is geared more towards my weight loss journey.  The trial and tribulations of trying to loose weight, get fit and ultimately get my ass into that "Little Black Dress".  Check it out...Warning, contains harsh words and brutal honesty.

Today was a nice proactive day for the most part.  Got up, did groceries for 8am...I know it's early, but it's not busy and all the shelves are stocked and all the produce is fresh and good to go, came home, had breakfast, tidyed up, put laundry away that my wonderful husband did for me yesterday, THANKS BABE...then dyed my hair, showered, and joined a friend to run some errands...good times, Thanks Jodi.

So I guess along side of living pay to pay with my best friend by my side, yes Marty that's YOU...Life is good.  This may not be exciting to you, but for me that's the most excitement a small town girl like myself is happy to have.  I think I am a city girl at heart though...Still loving my life.

See ya on the flip side....

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