Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my Husband, Partner, Friend!

Today is a special day for's my 2nd Wedding Anniversary.  With the move and having a few day trips this week we decided to keep it simple, which is totally ok with me. 
Woke up this morning, made hot chocolate for my husband and toast with rasberry jam, and half coffee and half hot chocolate with toast for me too.  We then hung out for a bit, and then decided to go out gallavanting.  Stopped for McDonalds coffee, then went to vaccumm out our truck, romantic, ya I know eh! lol  The proceeded to visit Jodi and Rhys, meet friends, Karen and Lily.  Had a little visit there, picked up a much needed body pillow that Jodi has generously given me...thank you, I can't wait to use it tonight.
Came home after that...after getting gas of just sitting here watching a marathon of The Big Bang funny! 
I think I will go down and wash the windows in the truck, then armorall the dash...our truck desperately needs it, and after the vaccumm it'll be all nice and clean! :)
I am VERY excited for supper tonight...Marty put the BBQ together yesterday, and today we BBQ up some steaks...Hmm...sauteed Mushrooms and Onions, with asparugus on the BBQ as well, with a side mouth is watering just thinking about it...then we will go to a movie, specifically, "My brother the idiot" with Paul Rudd, looks hilarious, can't wait! We haven't been to a movie in ages...we have a Airmiles Coupon for movie and popcorn and pop...woohoo! Nice and Cheap! Makes me happy...leave more money for IKEA on Wednesday...Yay!! Tomorrow we leave for Burlington to see January and the boys! Can't wait...! So far the Stay-cation has been great! By the end of the week, our place will be exactly how I like it...I'm happy.
I have been feeling good...some days more tired than others, and my blood pressure hasn't been too bad.  My back has been a bite sore, but I guess that just comes with the territory!
It's been just over 2 weeks since the Armstrongs have left...seems as they are doing very well...very happy for them, can't wait to visit...!

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