Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh geez...21 weeks already!

Well it's 21 weeks this week...21 weeks that I have had 2 little pumpkins growing in me...sounds insane...and to be honest I still can't believe it myself.
I had a ultrasound yesterday then today I saw my OB, Dr. Jordan Schmidt.  Everything is going very well.  Kinna makes me a bit nervous...that everything is good...I am feeling good, and have been since day one, with some tiredness of course. Overall it's all good!  Which makes me very happy...things don't always go so smoothly with if this is one thing in our lives that will go well then that's what I would want to use my "freebie" on...100%.
We got to see the babies on the ultrasound monitor...pretty cool...they were moving around so much they couldn't get a shot of both in a frame...which is ok, at least we got to see them.

Here is the shot of both in 1 frame.....

Here is Twin A

Here is Twin B

Pretty crazy, I know...But we love them, and can't wait to see their faces!


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