Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day of work...really?!?

Wow what a surreal feeling...last day of work for a whole year.  Not just a little vacation, a whole friggin year.  Yes I know, they say it flys...but I'll try my best to savor each day...hoping it's a nice slow year! HA Ya right eh...not on my life.  1 year 2 is going to be extrordinary I'm sure.  But I look forward to each and EVERY moment...
I'm not an overly mushy person, so you're not getting any of that outta me, but I am really excited to see their faces and smell them...I love baby smell, well, not shitty diaper baby smell, but after a bath and all lotioned up's intoxicating.  I'm excited to hear them laugh, I'm excited to see them smile for the first time...I'm excited to hear them yell and scream and talk in their own language.  I'm excited to hear their first cry, but only the first
I'm nervous to be a mom though.  And I think Marty is also nervous to be a dad.  But I'm sure we'll do fine.  We are the type of people who usually just go with it anyway, with a bit of life planning here and there.  I guess we will do what works best for us and see how that goes.  It's going to be challenging I'm sure at first, but we'll manage.  As we always do. 
Today has been a pretty good day.  My friends and colleagues have been very supportive and positive this whole time...and today we went out for lunch, it was nice.  I will miss work  I work with some good people, fun people...makes the job easier that's for sure.  Thanks guys for a great lunch out and I'll be sure to keep you all posted! 

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Lara said...

Wow, twins....congrats! I wish you a safe (and swift) delivery!