Thursday, January 05, 2012

I think it's about time for a post eh...

Ok so I've been sorta neglecting my blog for a bit now and I'm sorry.  It's been a wirldwind I'll tell ya that much.  I am 37 weeks this week, still making my way around...still feeling pretty good for the most part.  Haven't been sleeping to well because of my back and my hands being extremely numb.  It's so very uncomfortable and I can't wait until I can actually feel with my hands for the sore back, I'm sure that'll be gone not long after I don't have 2 people inside me.
I don't have too much time left at all.  Marty and I are really happy and excited...we just can't wait to see their faces, and what they will look like. 
We had a really nice Christmas together, our last one just him and I.  It was low key, exactly what we wanted.  We got up, I had my Annual Eggs Benedict that my hunny made me, which was delish as usual.  We opened our preseys...had coffee, made our phone calls...then just relaxed.  I think we even took a nap...Then we got ready and headed over to the Mabees later in the afternoon for a wonderful Chrismtas dinner.  It was so nice to share Christmas with Dan, Jodi, Rhys, Sharon, Sandra and Cadyn.  Thank you guys!
Tomorrow my mom catches the Via Rail in Campbellton at 1030pm and will arrive in London at 930pm.  She is really looking forward to getting here, as I am for her to get here.  It's going to be great having her here to help with the babies.  So great. 
And will post real soon with great news I'm sure!

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