Monday, March 12, 2012

Meshed I'd say..

It's true what they say...when you have a baby or in my case babies, all the days just mesh together.  You're whole life is based on a feeding's amazing.  And going out is a bit of a production too...not as bad as I thought it might be with twins, but still a process in its own.
This past week has been quite a whirl wind...Marty finally got his surgery, the surgery we've been waiting for for over a year.  The surgery we hope will solve this godforsaken foot ulcer business we've been dealing with the past year.  Here's hoping.
The girls are doing so well...they are so cute and fun...and I'm not just saying that cause they're mine...they really are adorable babies.  :) 
But as cute as they has been VERY challenging for me as well.  I've been feeling so overwhelmed with babies and my husband being out of commission, not to mention I have had some horrible back spasms that stop me dead in the stop when walking.  I was so afraid to even walk with one baby in my arms as I was afraid to fall.  But I kept saying to myself, god wouldn't let anything happen to me with my baby in my arms, and low and behold he didn't.  This turned out ok.  Been feeling a bit better the past couple of days...thank you god.  I know he watches over us.
I want to blog more.  It's not a Mommy blog or anything, but I will talk about my babies alot I'm sure.  But I want to blog about the things I love...which yes are my baby girls, my husband of course...also my love for photography, cooking, decorating, my friends and my  Which reminds me...I really need to get back to Eating Clean.  It's been fucking crazy the amount of sugar that I've been consuming.  Not sure if it's because I'm sleep deprived or what...but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't have something sweet...and it has to stop. 
I need to get back to my pre-baby weight and get back on the fitness wheel.  It depresses me to think that I have gained all the weight back.  Not any extra, THANK GOD, but this week I'm going to organize my shit and get to it. I know I won't be able to make the gym, but I'll start with taking the girls out for walks, then we'll go from there.
Gotta start somewhere right?!? 
Well I should hit the hay, the girls are down, I need a few zzzz'z before they want to eat again.
I love my babies I love my husband not sure if I love me right now...I think that's first on my list of to-do's right.   

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Anonymous said...

Hang in the Tanya! Each day is a blessing even though it is often a challenge! Heidi