Saturday, May 19, 2012

Change is good, right?!

I'm deffinetely one for change.  So what do you think?  I like purple too, so why not.
Today was an ok day.  The girls had a bit of a crying fit this afternoon, but we got through it.  It's so funny the way it happens.  Delilah will be upset, then when she stops Clarisse starts up.  Then she stops and Delilah starts up you think they do it 'cause they are twins and have a secret sensor or something...ahhh god knows.  I think I cried in between all the kaos, it frustrates me when I don't know why they cry. Arg...Such is life I guess.
It's a long weekend.  Wonder what tomorrow has in store.  Today we went to Trails End for the first time in weeks months.  Wasn't too bad.  Quite busy in the produce section, but not bad inside.  We didn't use the stroller, we used the carriers, which was a really smart idea.  After that we went to Gabraltar Market, wow, what ghetto...but it killed some time for us.  After supper we hit the mall for an hour, was nice...tire out the girls.  Knock on wood, they went to bed very easily tonight.  Fell asleep drinking bottles, thank you god.  For real though, thanks. 
Oh another fun fact; We bought another stroller.  It's pretty cool, it's like the Cadillac of strollers.  I'll post a pic.  We haven't used it yet, as it says for 6 months old...but we'll wait another 2 weeks or so and they use it. They'll be just over 5 months then and will fit well in it.  I think they are a tad small for it right now.  It's pretty big though.  We will have to load the girls in it, in the hallway as it doesn't fit through our doorway in the apartment, it's a double side by side.

Pretty sweet eh.  It's the BOB Revolution.  I can't wait to use it.  It glides like you're on ice, it's WONDERFUL.  
Well, that's all for tonight, I should get some sleep, since Delilah was up before 6am this morning, can you say YUK!

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