Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ok I'm here.

I know, I's been way to long.  I haven't had a chance to post anything cause I've been so friggin busy with the girls.  My day consist of feeding, playing, trying to get naps in and at the end, I'm so pooped that I pretty much clean up and hit the sack.  Plus, I really haven't had anything overly exciting to post...
But then I thought, what the hell, I'll post for those who read.  
I'm so jealous, my friend January, of  She's such an amazing blogger and creative and capturing.  Every time I read her blog, I'm either giggling or shedding a tear.  She really does know how to keep you entertained that's for sure.  So I'm going to try my best to blog more often of the things going on in my life.  As the girls get bigger and start to really come into their personalities I'm sure I'll have some good stuff to write about.  
These days they have been so good.  I mean, don't get me wrong we have our moments where I just want to scream, but overall they are just so good.  So happy, always smiling or laughing or just being silly.  When we go out they never fuss or cry, they really like being out and about.  We can take them to the mall, Costco, friends place...whatever is it, they just observe and enjoy the ride.  I'm so happy it's like that too...Marty and I have always been the type to be out, we enjoy it, so seeing the girls be this way makes life alot easier for us and allows us to continue somewhat the things we liked to do before they came along.
My dad was here a few weeks back visiting with his fiance Karen.  We had a great week and it was soooo nice to have the extra help with the girls.  And not to mention, the girls loved having their Pepere around.  I was sad to see them go.  But...we leave for NB in about 16 more sleeps...I am extremely excited.  
While we're home it's Bon Ami, which is a hometown festival that happens every year, lots of activities and fun for everyone.  And it's nice to see people who come home for the event too.  This year is my 15 year High School Reunion too...hard to believe it's been 15 years.  Looking forward to see the gang, should be a nice time.  
I know the girls are looking forward to see Nanny too...and I am also looking forward to seeing my parents and my family.  
Here are a few pics of the girls.  

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