Tuesday, May 08, 2012

No title today

Ok so I'm trying to figure out what I could blog about's funny cause during my day I always think of all kinds of things I could write, but when the time comes to sit down and type I forget it all.  I have a horrible memory so what do ya do.
I envy all the people who blog regularly and always have interesting things to blog about.  Not to say my life isn't interesting...well, maybe not overly exciting, but with 2 twin girls to take care of everyday, things do deffinetely get interesting...
I'm so out of the loop with fashion, so I can't blog about that...not that I was ever very fashionable, but I certainly do love to pretend I know a little about fashion...and I can't really blog about food, cause I'm not really cooking much these days, and what I am cooking isn't blog worthy, I doubt you want me to blog about opening up a jar or can and adding ground chicken or turkey ... lol  I guess I can blog about being a mom/parent...I mean I am new, and what I would blog about would be mostly questions on what the heck to do in certain situations... I know I most deffinetely cannot blog about Fitness, cause I'll tell ya, that went out the window after the girls were born, but, I will say I have been walking every morning with them after their mid-morning ok I didn't totally abandon Fitness...I guess one step at a time.  After all it's only been 4 months since the girls were born, not to mention I had a section there, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  But really, it's time...time to get back to Eating Clean ( and getting back to my prebaby weight, then work on the goal is to have lost 60lbs by the time I go back to work.  There you heard it straight from my blog.  This will be the blog I will use from now on, my weightloss blog was great but I don't have the time to post on both, unfortunately.
So stay tuned for all the good stuff that will be leaked out of my brain...haha...Have I mentioned how absolutely gorgeous my babies are....
1. Delilah, giving us her infamous smile.
2. Clarisse and Mommy in a self portrait.

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