Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here are my girls

Not sure if I even posted pics on the girls, if I did, well here are more...and if I didn't, here they are.
Life is full of excitement these days, between the beginning stages of teething, to sleeping through the night finally, to Clarisse rolling over and over and's my own little paradise.  And it's about to get even more exciting, as Daddy is finally going back to work after being off for approx. 4 months.  So Mommy's on her own for the first time with her 2 girls.  Excited? Yes... Scared? YES, more like petrafied (sp?)  But I know it'll be ok...stay tuned....

One this is for certain, I am madly in love with these 2 little monkeys.  And the best thing of all, they are all mine...and Martys of course.

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