Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The long weekend is around the corner

I'm still trying to think of something interesting and engaging to write to make my blog more interesting.  It's as if my life just isn't that exciting...I never had this problem before.  I used to be able to write anything on my blog and I wouldn't feel boring like I do now.  And shit, my life is way more crazy and intense now that it's ever been.  Trying to maintain a steady head with 2 small babies at home all day, and then all the other stuff life throws at ya, shit can get crazy in 3.5 seconds to say the least.  But I'm coping - dealing - managing - and so far my head is still on straight, so far.  I may not shower every single day...and sorry it's the truth, there are some days, I just didn't have a chance to shower.  But whatever...any mom of 2, let alone twins, can surely understand, even a mom of 1 for that matter.
I just get stuck.
So until I get un-stuck, I'll post some recent pics of the girls.  They are funny and cute.  Especially tonight.  They were pooped, cause they didn't nap this afternoon...and they were just giggling alot after dinner.  I was even able to give Delilah kisses without her pushing me away.  She usually hates kisses.  Clarisse on the other hand, she opens wide for kisses.  She's so silly.  Cracks me right up.  One thing tho, these girls have the most beautiful smiles that go right along with their big blue eyes.  Love them so much.  Frig, sometimes they drive me up the wall, I think more cause there are 2 at all times, but man, I would just die if something happened to them.  I can't even think about it without getting heartsick.
Yup, that's what happens when kids come into the picture.  Absolutely NOTHING else in life matters except their safety and health.  That's it.  Well a few other things are important too, but not more important.
So after promising pics and typing this up, I'm having a problem loading them.  I will figure out the error and hopefully come back and edit my post.  Otherwise, will just put pics up in my next post.
Ciao for now

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