Thursday, October 04, 2012

No rest for the wicked...

ARGH!!  Are you fucking kidding me...all I want is a half hour to myself...why won't these kids nap, at the same time anymore...frig!!!!
Ok, wow, I got it out...sorta feel a bit better.  The past few days they've been napping on opposites, it's driving me nuts.  I really should complain too much, this morning they napped for a good 2 hours and I did too.  I was so tired - with them waking up at 5:50am, but I left them in the crib chatting and playing until 6:20am.  So they were ready for a nap at 8am after their cereal, thank god cause I was so tired this morning myself.
As it stands, I was bitching for nothing, cause Clarisse is sleeping and has been for about 15 minutes.  Delilah fell asleep at 130p, but when I went to put Clarisse in her crib, Delilah woke.  But she's quiet in the swing watching My Big Big Friend.  She slept for about a half hour.  So not horrible, means bedtime might be nice and easy cause they will both be pooped.  Especially since we're hitting the mall after dinner tonight.  Got a few things to pick up, then tomorrow night we're hitting Costco - I love Costco!  So many things to look at, so many deals! I could so some serious damage if I could afford it.
So I made cupcakes the other night.  Ya well, can't do that too often.  I ate like 4 already.  Gawd, it's so hard, cause I'm such a sweet person.  Or maybe I just love food in's crazy, I have like no control.   Some day I'll say no, or just pass, someday.  Just need to stop making excuses...and get out there and run.  I have the friggin stroller, there's just no reason why I shouldn't.  Pure laziness I guess, I just get comfortable and just stay in.  But now that the weather is starting to cool down, somewhat, cause today it was 22...but I will I will I will!
Ok, so both girls are now I'll have to post more maybe later this evening after they are in bed.

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