Thursday, December 20, 2012

A year coming to an end....

As time approaches for me to return to work I sit here and ponder on my year with the girls.  What a year it's been.  I really enjoyed loved being home with them.  We had challenges, which is completely normal when it comes to babies in general, let alone 2 at once.  But we had so much fun too.  I had so much fun - Watching them grow, learn, smile, laugh, roll, crawl, walk and run.  There are so many other things they've done, but I'll be here all night if I was to name them all.  They have been such a pleasure in my life.  I can't even imagine not do I want to, picture my life without them.  And now that the time is approaching for me to return to work it scares me.
I am so excited for them to see and do something new tho.  They will love being in the in home daycare we have chosen for them.  They will love being with other kids.  They will love playing with new toys.  But I'm scared that I will have a hard time letting them go.  As nice as it's going to be to be back in the adult world, I'm freaked out about not being home with them anymore.  Not being able to see them play together, even though they will in the evenings...but also nervous I'm going to miss special moments that only a Mom will appreciate.
I know every Mom feels this way when returning to work after being home with their I'm sure I'll be just fine.  But I just love those little monkeys so much and will miss them.  I guess my evenings and weekends will be that much more special and we'll have to maximize our Family time when we are together.

These are the little faces I'm going to miss so much! I know I'll see them, but not as frequent, which hurts my heart.

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