Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another day...

Sitting here watching the Golden Globes...Wow it's been awhile since I have watch any awards shows. Kinna fun eh.
Ok so right to business. I haven't been that great this week when it comes to my Fitness. So last Sunday I did my Your Shape, had a great workout, I even broke a sweat....then Monday, oh baby was I sore. So took that day up Tuesday still sore, but not nearly as bad as Monday...I did a Body Pump class. I love it, and can't wait for Tuesday to do it again. But sadly, I did nothing the rest of the week. And then nothing on the weekend. I am very annoyed with myself. But life goes on and tomorrow is another day. I will be bringing my gym stuff and will DEFF be working out.
I had a great weekend. Friday did our usual, Groceries...I cleaned a bit. Saturday morning, got up and cleaned some more...Then had my Hilton Girls over...We had a wonderful visit...And celebrated for Amanda and her new little bundle. Amanda and her husband Jason are expecting a baby boy, Logan, at the beginning of February. We are very excited for them! Time is flying...and they will make amazing parents!
Since I have nothing else to Fitness was shitty this week. But I will make a promise to myself that this week will be better! That's right, it will be better....
I'm out!

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