Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday means weekend is pretty much over!

It's only 9:54 am, so I still have the whole day to do whatever.  But still, this day, Sunda, is the end of a nice fair.  Why can't we have 3 day weekends?  But then if we did, would we choose to have Friday off...Or Monday off...oh my, decisions decisions....
Last night we went to Karen and Jamies place, then had a house warming party...It was a fun night!  We made homeadde Mojitos...they didn't taste as good as they do when someone else makes them for you that's for sure...but they weren't bad.  
The past few days I've been cleaning and getting rid of stuff...can you beleive it....yes, books, old papers...It's time to lead a clean tidy simplelistic living....!

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