Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yuk Morning!

It's Tuesday...I'm so tired...I'm tired of hearing Lady GaGa's Bad Romance...Ahhh....I think I need a new radio station to listen to at work...they tend to play the same shit over and over again. 
I must be in a crusty mood this morning...could it be because I only went to bed at 11pm last night...I had a really bad headache, and couldn't go to bed until I knew I would fall I took 2 Aleve, then went to bed...I can't blame it on House Hunters International at all...Gawd, I'm addicted to those shows...

I want to go on vacation again...blah blah blah blah....I'm boring today...sorry! 

I recently joined this Twilight Fan site called The Twilight Saga...I just created my profile so far, I need to log on and read and see what people are saying...

I recently purchased The Host, Stephanie Meyers first adult read.  I'm only in the first few chapters so far, but it seems to be a really weird, interesting, intriguing read....I think Marty would like this one. 

Ok, I should get to work now...just felt like rambling...A la prochaine!

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nice :)