Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giddy up...

It's Tuesday, Uck! 

I'm at work...playing on the radio right now, Rude Boy by Rhianna...!  I can't help but bob my head...I love the beat! It brings back memories of when I was in Jamaica..! Good times...

I want Christmas to be here...for what reason I have no clue.  Christmas usually brings cold weather and snow...I'm not saying I want snow...I don't really...but what comes after Christmas is what I want...New Year,  new plans, new choices, new adventures!  I hope...

23 more sleeps and we're going home!  Well, my home...I am excited...I'll be able to meet the newest addition to the Talbot/Lavigne Family...Baby Samuel...!  He hasn't arrived yet, but any day now..!  Can't wait...he'll be brand new when I get to see him! :)

Also, we are taking a little trip to PEI for a night or two, then making a few stops along the way back to Dalhousie, in Moncton and Miramichi!  Very much looking forward to this trip, especially pumped to visit the Island, it's been years!

Ok, so I just wanted post a little something...I like to keep up on my posting, even though sometimes my post are not really that interesting.  I'm not much of a story teller...and my life isn't really that exciting, yet!


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