Sunday, January 23, 2011

My goodness time flies!

It has been a long time since I have posted.  And if there is anyone who actually reads my blog, I am so sorry for the delay.  

Hmmm what has went on since my last post...let me see...Well Christmas was a nice one! I did miss my family terribly, but I got through it.  My husband was very good to me again this year.  He's so wonderful and good to me all year anyway...but this year was a great one!  

We spent New Years Eve with our VERY good friends, The Armstrongs...Shelley and Trevor as well as my wonderful friend Mel. We has some yummy treats, watched a few movies and had some good laughs and just really enjoyed each others company.  It was great!  It'll be our last year with the Armstrongs over the holidays since they are moving to MEXICO...yes that's right, I said Mexico! We are very happy but very sad that they will be leaving us.  We are very much looking forward to visiting though.  They will be settling in a small town about 45 minutes from Guatalahara (forgive the spelling), called Ajijic.  It's going to be such a wonderful change for them and they are going to love it!  

I started back at AdditionElle just before Christmas and decided to stay as a part time employee even after.  I am happy that I made that decision.  It's always alot of fun and I really enjoy the change of scenery, not to mention the great girls I work with!

I also began a new journey...I can't go into too much detail, only because I have dedicated a blog to this journey...   It's a weightloss journey blog.  As of January 2nd, I began my Eat Clean lifetstyle.  So far so good, but you'll have to stang by, then check out my other blog to see how that is going.

So all in all, things are going good.  I hoping for some wonderful things for Marty and I in 2011...We love and have each that's a start!

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