Saturday, October 13, 2012

And we have a "partial" Walker

My little sweetie Delilah took 4 whole steps today.  God it was awesome and she was so pumped too.  She's the type of kid, if you cheer, she cheers too.  But not a yahoooo cheer, she just makes a noise, some kind of yay comes out, it's the funniest thing.  And you could easily be cheering for Clarisse too, and Delilah will still do her little cheer, it's so cute.
So is this the beginning of craziness, well, some would say so.  I'm just gonna take it as it comes.  I mean, shit, kids are gonna walk, they all do...and everyone every parents deals right.  It's not like you stop your kids from walking, or talking or any kind of milestone right.  So whateve, we'll take it.  Shit the kid isn't even 10 months old yet.  I'd say she's pretty smart.  She's my kid, of course she's smart.  :)
So exciting news for us.  Which reminds me, I will have to write in her baby book.  I was so on top of that when they were first born, but I haven't wrote in a while.  Tomorrow I will, for sure.
Now I'm not going to forget to mention our Pumpkin Clarisse.  She is also trying VERY hard to walk as well, she has taken a step and half steps.  But just not a whole 4 steps like Delilah has.  But I can see it, she's going to go any day now.
These girls are so sweet and fun...tonight before our bedtime routine, I was playing with them.  And they were giggling like crazy.  They love it when we grab them and pretend we're gonna bit them, on the side.  So I nestle my mouth and nose and make a "I'm gonna eat you noise" and they just giggle and giggle.  The best sound in the world for me, the best sound in my world right now.

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