Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Better, than not, better, than not...

Ok so the past few nights have been a freaking nightmare.  Up like 3-4 times in the night.  Are you serious?!?  WHYYYYYYY????  You're fed, changed and sooooo tired, why do you keep waking up? Crying, whining, just outright driving me crazy...
Some history:  While I was out East at Easter, April 2012, is when my girls decided to sleep through the night!!  YES, at 4 months old, they slept through the night.  Holy wowsers I was one happy Momma.  That first night, scared and confused the shit outta me too.  Went down at 1030pm as I recall.  My mom and I watched a bit of TV after, then went to bed, thinking better get some shut eye, cause 3 or 4 am comes quickly.  Next thing I remember was, it's frigging 620am and they were still sleeping...I BOLT it outta bed, wake up my mom..."Mom, did you wake up to feed the girls earlier?"  "No, I thought you did and didn't get me up to help".  So there is was, slept all night.  Won-der-ful!!  And it continued until pretty much August upon our arrival back to Ontario from visiting NB again.  WHAT HAPPENNED?!  I just don't know.  Cause since then, they've been waking on and off through the night.  And moreso the past month or so.
BUT, last night, they slept through again.  A few little noises, but no major wake ups.  HALLELUIAH!!  I pray to god, that tonight is a the same happens.  Please Please Please, let them sleep through.
The night before last, I think I slept I total of 4 hours.  One woke up, then the other, at one point both were up.  Thank god for swings.  Ouufff...then by 4am both back to sleep.  518am up and ready for the day they were.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!  I was a fucking zombie all day.  Oh lord please don't let those nights come to often.  I don't care if I have to get up once in a while with one, but never the two...Please!
Ok so that's my rant about my kids for now.  They are still cute tho.
On a Happier note, today is a special day.  Happy 5th Birthday to a special girl, Happy Birthday Angel Leigh Walsh.  I can't believe you're 5! I will NEVER forget your birth...and I can't wait to tell you all about it when you are older.  5 Years of knowing you, watching you grow.  You are a sweet, funny, smart, beautiful girl, and Uncle Marty, Delilah, Clarisse and I Love you so much!
Happy Birthday Angel! xox

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