Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sick household no fun.

This weeks been a challenge for me, and Marty too.  The girls are sick and I'm sick, Marty not yet.  Might bypass him, might not.
Started out that Clarisse had a HORRIBLE stuffy nose and congestion, then the cough started.  Scared the shit outta me too, cause she choked a few times to the point where she threw up.  The runny nose was just endless, poor thing.  And she absolutely hates it when I use the HydraSence Saline Spray on her.  But man, does it ever work and cleans it out pretty much instantly.  After 2 days of this cough, runny nose and congestion for Clarisse, Delilah started of course.  Thankfully it was just a little cough and a slight runny nose.  I still took them both to the Dr. tho.  I explained to her that I've been saline cleaning noses, steamed up the bathroom and went in there with Clarisse for a few minutes each night, boiled water and put it in a tin bowl with a bit of Vicks and put it in the room on the floor....she said I was doing everything right. Thank god! Cause you always wonder.  Is there more I can be doing?  What else is there to do to help these poor helpless little creatures feel better.
If they only knew to blow...I wipe noses and if they can just blow, it would all come out.  :(
Well Dr. prescribed a puffer for Clarisse, 2 puffs every 6 hours.  So far it's done wonders, not nearly as congested and barely any horsey coughs, thank god.  And as for Delilah, Tylenol around the clock for comfort.
So hopefully another day or so, this household will be sick free! :)  Then the cleaning begins.  Cause god knows they've put every toy in their sick little mouths, and touched everything they can possible reach.
Oh the joys of kids, and they haven't even made it to Daycare yet.  Wonder how that's gonna work out now.  Eeek!
On a happier note, 27 more sleeps until Christmas and 24 more sleeps until Nanny and Papa arrive!  We are soooo excited! It's gonna be a fun Christmas this year!  Can't wait!
I think we'll put out tree up on my birthday, ya, that's a good idea....on my birthday with my husband and my daughters.  It's gonna be a wonderful holiday season this year, I know it!

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