Friday, November 30, 2012

TGIF, that's what they say...

Even though I'm off work and home most days, I still really like Fridays.  Fridays means, Marty is home for 2 full days with us.  It's nice to have the extra help around during the day, not to mention having our family time.
They are calling for a beautiful day Sunday!  I can't wait! After all this sickness in our house this past week, I think we really need to get out and blow some stink off.  I slipped out today with the girls to run over to Shoppers Drug Marty, thank god it's just across the street, because it's chilly out there!
So bundled up real good and headed out the doors...since there are 4 doors to exit for us in the building.  Made our way over, walked around, picked up the cold medicine and throat lozenges that I went for.  I also went over to get some muscle relaxers, as my nights have been BRUTAL..I have has some serious back pains during the night.  I can barely roll over.  It's horrible.  Once I reach Shoppers though, I realized I forgot the coupon I had.  :(  I know we have to make our way out again tonight to pick up a few more Christmas gifts so I'll make a little pit stop and pick those up.  I mean the coupon is for $10, why the heck wouldn't I use it right.
And to my surprise, I accumated over 38,000 Optimum points, therefore, can redeem $60 worth of free loot!  So ya to me!  I will pick up a few little Christmas gifts.  I love free stuff.  I guess I had to pay alot to get this stuff for free...oh well!
So this morning was a 5am wake up! NOT fun at all!  I wonder why some days they're ready for the day at 7am and others, 5am.'s hard on the head and body, frig!  And to boot, I've got my sore back, back.  Not sure why, but man, I'm having a hard time.  I can barely roll over.  It started in my lower back, where I got my epidural, then worked it's way down to my right butt cheek believe it or not.  Might sound crazy, but OMG what painful!  Thank god I'll be getting those muscle relaxers tonight!
I realized I haven't posted any pics of my cuties lately, so I leave you with these! Some Halloween ones too, a little late, but better late than never!


Ann @ My Nearest and Dearest said...

I don't know how you do it with twins, Tanya! Our little Peanut has been getting up at 4:00 for days on end and it's exhasuting! But at least I only have to entertain one child when I should be in bed!

P.S. Do you have follow by email as an option?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like sciatic nerve pain...I get it too. It can be caused by pregnancy.