Monday, January 28, 2013

Another week bites the dust.

Well it's Monday.  Thank god.  The past week has been so sick to say the least.  And when I say Sick I don't mean, Rad, Awesome or Fun.  I mean Sick.  We have had 2 sick girlies.  Coughing, Runny Noses, High Fever.  Not fun at al.  It's true what they say, sick kids are so pitiful.  It was brutal.  But we managed to get through it, with a trip to the walk in and another trip to emerg.  Dr's said it was viral.  So we just do the Tylenol and Advil thing and hope for the best.  Friggin pain.  Lots of timid baths, wiping noses and cuddles.  They were still drinking and eating, so that was a Very good sign.  This morning, no fevers and off to daycare we went.  It's much warmer out than last week.  Now, I say warmer, but by all means it's not warm, it's just warmer than this crazy -25 that we have had. 

So here's hoping for a good week, all around...Daycare, Work and no Sickness with Happy Girls. 

A shout out to Daddy, for all his help and patience.  The girls have been wanting lots of snuggles from him and have been getting it.  Thank you Daddy, you're a great Dad to our girls!

So on a happier note, I finally got some usesage back from my laptop! Yay!  We managed to buy a cheap keyboard, plugged er in and Tada! It I posted a few Christmas and Birthday pics on Facebook last night, FINALLY!  I will post a few on here too...within the next few days.  So slowly things are getting back to normal.  Luckily we had the iPad to get online with, otherwise it would have been nuts!!!

So I just realized, today, is the last day of the month.  Really?! The first month of 2013 is already done and gone.  Amazing.  Waiting for good things to come.  Waiting for big changes.  Bring it on.

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