Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 1 down...

Ok, a little late on posting.  Reason: Laptop still outta commision and it's MUCH harder to type something longer than a small email on the iPad. 
So we managed to complete Week 1 of work and Daycare.  We're all still alive and ready to take on the world.  Well, not the world, but the bus system in London and work life.  I feel great and things are happy right now.  Good times.  Girls seem to be adjusting well to Daycare.  Which is so great.  They love Heidi, she's great and Mommy and Daddy are extremely happy with her too.  So things are good there.  And well for me, being back to work, has been great.  I know, people say, how can work be great..?  It is tho.  Getting back into it has been easier than I thought actually.  Remembering things ALOT faster than I thought I would.  Good and Bad...can't really slack for long! lol Just kiddin...! I'm no slacker...HAHA

Into our secoind week now, so far so good.  Weekend was good.  Didn't get ANY of the cleaning done that we wanted tho.  Gawd it flies.  You want to cram so much in, things you didn't manage to accomplish in the week...but after you actually sit when the girls are napping, you just don't want to wnat to do just that and SIT!  Hopefully this weekend is a more productive one.  My goodness we have so much to do...wanna know what....

Vaccumm the ENTIRE apartment.
Wash all floors
Wash the patio door windows of little smears and finger prints
Laundry, it's a given, we have it every weekend
Change the livingroom around
Put the girls little kitchen together and put it out for them to play with
I need to go through some clothes of theirs to donate and sell

So that's it for now I think.  Oh and Saturday night I am going out for a celebatory drink with a few friends for Carols Birthday.  Looking forward to it.  Won't be a late night tho, as god knows what time the girls will be up.  It's funny, when you do finally get to go out and let loose, you still have to wake up in the morning with them, you kinna forget that eh! Arg! 

Happy Wednesday!

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